2016 year - The Year of Respect for Heritage, Reformation of Motherland



I.                  Consular activity

II.               Consular offices of Turkmenistan abroad and their functions

III.           Tariff of consular fees of Turkmenistan levied outside the territory of Turkmenistan

Legal bases of activity, procedure for establishing and functioning of consular offices of Turkmenistan, the appointment of their officers and employees, as well as the functions of consuls on safeguarding rights and interests of Turkmenistan, its nationals and corporate bodies abroad are defined in accordance with the Law of Turkmenistan “On Consular Offices of Turkmenistan Abroad.” Categories and types of visas and the procedure for their registration, issue and extension of the term of their validity are regulated by the Law of Turkmenistan “On Migration” and other regulations of Turkmenistan.

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan

The activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan are regulated by the legislation of Turkmenistan: by Laws “On Diplomatic Service,” “On the Status of Diplomatic Representatives of Turkmenistan Abroad”, “On Diplomatic Ranks,” “On Consular Offices of Turkmenistan”, Conception of foreign policy course of Turkmenistan for the 2013-2017 years.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017