2016 year - The Year of Respect for Heritage, Reformation of Motherland



Currently, the activities of the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan are aimed at the achievement of goals in accordance with the State Program for the development of cultural sphere in Turkmenistan for 2012-2016, which has a conceptual meaning for the formation of favorable cultural environment, which, in turn, will help to reveal the cultural and spiritual potential of every person, people and the country as a whole. 

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The major area of the social policy is the development of tourism. This is one of the most important issues for our country. In this context, State Committee for Tourism of Turkmenistan was established in 2012. There is also the Committee for the Avaza National Tourist Zone within this newly established committee.

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Sport is a part of the social policy of Turkmenistan. In this light, new sport facilities are being constructed in Ashgabat and regional centers. They are equipped with all necessary equipment for practicing various kinds of sport. There will be a new building of the School of higher sport mastery of Turkmenistan. Sport schools of heavy athletics will be built in Dashoguz, Mary and Balkan regions in compliance with the highest requirements. It is planned to build a modern specialized school of chess and drafts. Regional centers and Ashgabat city will have sport facilities meant for various competitions in running and cycling.

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The radical reform of science is being carried out under the direct leadership of the President of Turkmenistan. The Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan has been restored. There is the Fund of science and technology under the Supreme Council for Science and Technology.

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In Turkmenistan large-scale work is under way in order to modernize the national educational system and develop science in the higher educational institutions, bring them to the level of the developed states. The “Law on Education” was adopted in the framework of the large scale support given by the state. The intensive construction of new children’s preschool institutions, secondary schools and higher educational institutions is being carried out throughout the country. The latest information and communication technologies have been introduced into the educational system in order to raise the quality and effectiveness of teaching process. Schools and universities have been equipped with modern computers and multimedia means of teaching.

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Turkmenistan has reformed and developed the field of national healthcare, giving it a status of the multipurpose system of social protection.

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Monday, January 16, 2017