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23 November 2015


Speech the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at the Summit of Heads of the States-Gas Exporters (Tehran, 23.11.2015)

Dear Sir President of the Islamic Republic of Iran!

Dear Heads of states!

Dear participants of the Summit!

First, I express hearty thanks to the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mister Hassan Rouhani for hospitality and conditions created for fruitful work!

The present situation in world power space, including gas industry, sets us a number of big and complex tasks. The need of ensuring energy security, being one of the main issues, is an important condition of systematic and harmonious development of global economy.

In this connection, the need of taking efficient steps focused on ensuring equal interests of the countries producers, transporters and consumers of gas is becoming actual. Proceeding from it, development of open, not allowing discrimination, accurate rules of relationship between the states cooperating in this area is important.

In the power policy, Turkmenistan proceeds from such position. It defines the essence and direction of our proposals and measures undertaken in practice.

The initiatives put forward by Turkmenistan about guarantees of ensuring reliability and security of deliveries of energy carriers for the world markets find broader support in the world. The evidence to that is unanimous adoption of Resolutions on Reliable and Stable Transit of Energy Carriers by General Assembly of the United Nations at the initiative of Turkmenistan in 2008 and 2013. Over 70 states acted as coauthors of these Resolutions. Taking the opportunity, I want to express my gratitude for this support.

Now necessary work is carried out on preparation of the new international legal document of the United Nations on activity on global power space according to the general rules. The international expert group was created for preparation of this document. Efficient work is being conducted on improvement of this group which first meeting took place at the end of last year in Ashgabat.

Involvement of new regions and markets in the international power system will give an additional powerful impulse to industrial production in the world, to trade development, growth of investments, and it will promote creating of new workplaces. In addition, it will greatly influence on stabilization of a political situation of regions and states.

In this regard, the project of construction of Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India gas pipeline is of great importance. We consider this project as an example of mutually respectful, equal, mutually beneficial cooperation. The countries participating in the project have common goals in respect of long-term interests and development. We highly appreciate the fact that these states approach implementation of the project responsibly, being guided by a real situation.

Our partners in Asia and Europe, the largest financial organizations, first, Asian Development Bank (ADB) support the implementation of this project. It visually demonstrates that there is an understanding of importance of the project of Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India (TAPI) gas pipeline.

The realization of this project has begun. In the next few days, Turkmenistan will begin construction of the part of this gas pipeline passing across the territory. I am firmly convinced that the project of Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India (TAPI) gas pipeline will be fully completed within agreed time, which is in 2018!

Taking the opportunity, I express hearty thanks to leaders of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, all our partners participating in preparation of this project!

Productive negotiations with interested parties in the field of implementation of projects on supply of the Turkmen natural gas in the European direction are also conducted.

In addition, I want to note that all projects of gas pipelines realized by Turkmenistan are favourable to the countries participating in them. These projects are realized considering economic and commercial interests of all countries across which territory these gas pipelines pass. In this connection, we consider necessary to follow comprehensively thought over economic parameters in the international cooperation in gas industry. First, we consider it expedient to be guided by reasonable prices of natural gas and its transit.

Dear participants of the Summit!

Turkmenistan, being one of the largest countries – producers of natural gas in the world, participates in international projects on supply of this energy resource. Proceeding from it, our country responsibly treats environmental issues of implementation of mutually beneficial cooperation in this area at high level. One of the major tasks facing power branch today is observance of ecological requirements at construction of pipelines, careful and considering a long-term perspective approach to environment protection.

Production of hydro carbonic resources is to be carried out according to high ecological requirements. Our general task is coordination of economic interests, international cooperation with observance of ecological requirements.

Minimizing of level of environmental risks, introduction of efficient protective technologies at industrial complexes, use of modern methods of management is of great importance at production and supply of energy resources. I want to note that, proceeding from these purposes, Turkmenistan is ready to expand and develop cooperation in this area with the countries participating in the Summit, the states – consumers and transporters of energy resources and international organizations.

We express confidence that cooperation on the concrete areas in this issue will develop. Turkmenistan is one of responsible and reliable producers and suppliers of energy resources. Proceeding from it, our country is ready for close cooperation with various states and international organizations for development of clear, coordinated mechanisms on all issues of general power strategy. Our country in 2017, during presidency in the Power Charter, will pay special attention to this area of mutually beneficial cooperation.

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