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05 June 2023


Meeting on preparation for the Seventh Round of the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey


On June 5, 2023, a meeting on the Seventh Round of the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS-7) was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, which was attended by the heads of ministries and state agencies of Turkmenistan, UNICEF and UNFPA.

During the meeting, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs M.Byashimova emphasized the productive participation of Turkmenistan in the previous rounds of MICS. In addition, she noted that the data obtained from the "MICS" serve as an important source for reporting to the UN treaty bodies and other documents of international cooperation, including the basis for monitoring and evaluating many national programs.

During the meeting, the fundamental tasks and goals of MICS-7 were considered, in particular, attention was paid to discussing and deciding on priority aspects during the collection of data on MICS-7.

Based on the results of the discussions, the participants decided on the MICS-7 Modules that should be taken into account during this survey.

Along with this, it was proposed to create a Technical and Steering Committees for the timely execution of the tasks.

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