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Magtymguly Fragi

06 September 2023


About the meetings of the delegation of Turkmenistan with business circles of France

Dozens of business meetings between representatives of the Turkmen delegation and French companies were held in Paris as part of the official visit of the delegation of Turkmenistan on September 4-5 this year.

During the negotiations with representatives of the French business community, in particular, the “France-Turkmenistan” Chamber of Commerce, the “French Healthcare Association”, financial institutions “Coface”, “UBAF” Union de Banques Arabes et Françaises, “Société Générale CIB” and “Credit Agricole”, “IB2C France” federation, “CIFAL International Services”, “Thales”, “Thales Alenia Spaсe”, “Airbus”, “TOTALENERGIES”, “MBDA”, “Bouygues Groupe”, “VINCI Construction Grands Projets”, “BAUDIN CHATEAUNEUF”, "CARPI Tech", "Rothschild & Co" and other companies was discussed a wide range of issues of interaction, as well as promising areas for further cooperation were identified.

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