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02 June 2023


Ambassador of Turkmenistan to France met with Secretary General of the International Bureau of Expositions

On June 1, 2023, Ambassador M.Chariev had a meeting with Secretary-General of International Bureau of Expositions (BIE) Mr. Dimitri Kerkentzes, during which Ambassador presented his credentials as a Delegate of Turkmenistan to this Organization.

In course of the meeting, Mr. Chariev emphasized the importance of the Bureau International des Expositions in the context of organization and coordination of international exhibitions. In this regard the readiness was expressed to make efforts to further strengthen cooperation between Turkmenistan and BIE.

The Ambassador expressed gratitude to BIE for support in holding national and international exhibitions, forums and fairs in Turkmenistan and for providing advisory services and technical seminars.

Congratulating the Ambassador on his appointment and wishing success in his work, Secretary-General of BIE underlined fruitful cooperation between BIE and Turkmenistan in recent years. He emphasized Turkmenistan's significant contribution to achieving the goals and objectives of the Organization.

Furthermore it was stated that Turkmenistan is an active participant of international events organized under the auspices of BIE, where the country demonstrates its achievements and capabilities in various fields, including industry, agriculture, energy, transport, tourism and culture.

In this regard Dimitri Kerkentzes emphasized that Turkmenistan's national pavilions in Astana, Milan, Beijing and Dubai were among the richest and most beautiful, expressing confidence that Turkmenistan's upcoming pavilion at the World EXPO 2025 in Japan will be quite successful.

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