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22 September 2023


About inclusion of desert ecosystems of Turkmenistan to the UNESCO World Heritage List

On September 20, 2023, during the 45th session of the World Heritage Committee being held in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudia Arabia, "Bereketli Garagum", "Gaplangyr", "Repetek" and "Yeradzhi" unique desert ecosystems of Turkmenistan are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, as a part of transnational serial nomination "Cold Winter Deserts of Turan" jointly presented by Turkmenistan, Republic of Kazakhstan and Republic of Uzbekistan.

Ambassador of Turkmenistan to France, Permanent Delegate of Turkmenistan to UNESCO M.Chariev during his speech, expressed deep appreciation to the members of the World Heritage Committee for their invaluable support in adopting the decision, as well as extended special thanks to the international and national experts who actively contributed to the preparation of this nomination.

Ambassador noted, that the "Cold Winter Deserts of Turan" represent a model of continuous ecological and biological processes that determine the adaptation and survival of diverse flora and fauna, as well as animals in changing extreme environmental conditions in the cold winter deserts of Turan. This inscription in the World Heritage List will enable the countries to strengthen international cooperation for the better conservation of all endangered animal and plant species on a global scale.

As it was informed, the State Parties have agreed on transnational management and conservation mechanisms for the nominated areas, as well as established systems for monitoring and regular data exchange.

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